Dolly and Monkey

Dolly and Monkey, originally uploaded by Dave Walsh Photography.

Dolly and Monkey – vintage hairdressing dummy and cuddly toy. She seems full of herself. Monkey is unimpressed, and maybe a little worse for wear.

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  1. Ahh! You have not a monkey! That, my dear, is a Mon Chi Chi! Very popular with children back in the 80’s. If you bring either hand of Mon Chi Chi up to it’s face, you will find that the thumb of either hand will fit very conveniently into the mouth. He is rather a cuddly fellow, even the plastic parts are fairly soft. His relatives came in various colors and sizes. I still retain two of them, leftover from the time I had children. I now have two adults in their 30’s, so you can tell it’s been awhile. My two are about a foot tall each, one yellow and one orange. The Mon Chi Chis, not the adults.
    I suspect your little brown friend is somewhat worse for wear because he was very well loved by somebody’s little one, in his day.
    I can’t speak to his choice of company, though. She does look a bit self-centered, which does not bode well for terribly interesting conversation after the first hour or so. She does look rather well traveled, however, so this may not be the case at all. Purely conjecture on my part. But I’m pretty darn sure that Mon Chi Chi has earned his place of rest!

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