Creme, cults and suicides

If there’s so much as one heinous crime of which Blather is guilty, we would tentatively suggest that it’s certainly not a case of us failing to keep a abreast of bizarre goings on. . . Last week (I vaguely recall it myself) Blather dished up a dissertation on a recent documentary on Princess Grace of Monaco and the Order of the Solar Temple. I ended the piece with mention of a security step-up in Switzerland, due to fears of Solar Temple activity escalating around the Winter Solstice. It looks like the Swiss police weren’t the only ones keeping a close eye. On Thursday, January 8th 1998, Spanish police arrested 32 – some reports say 31 – people (including four girls, aged between six and 12, and a 10-year-old boy), at five houses in the capital of Tenerife, Santa Cruz. They were due to travel to the top of 3,718-metre Teide mountain, apparently intending to commit suicide at around 7pm GMT.

According to the police, these folks were convinced that a spacecraft would promptly arrive to collect their souls, and ship them off to another planet (Which one? We’re dying to know!). The alleged leader, German psychologist Heide Fittkau-Garthe (57) is still being held by police, but the others have been freed, without charge, and are being treated as her victims. Fittkau-Garthe is expected to face charges of ‘trying to persuade the members of the sect to commit suicide’. All but one of the ‘victims’, a Spanish woman, are German nationals and apart from the children were ‘middle-class men and women, including university graduates, aged between 20 and 60 (Irish Independent)’. They are said to be members of the ‘Isis Holistic Centre’ which ‘could have formed after splitting from the Order of the Solar Temple’ (Irish Times).
Not an unreasonable assumption to make, but possibly unfounded – neither the Irish Times, the source of this quote, or the Daily Telegraph attempt to qualify this statement. The typical Solar Temple member is usually quite well-heeled (e.g., as an extreme example, Princess Grace – if the claims are true), and discounting the children, inclined to be in their late thirties or older.
[Mark Pilkington risks life and limb to bring us the latest words on the Day of Declaration from The Maitreya and Share International – Blather.]
Last Tuesday in London’s Holborn, about 90 people gathered to receive a dose of full Creme spiritual sustenance courtesy of the Maitreya – World Teacher for the New Age. He’s the leader of 63 spiritually advanced Mahatmas, The Great White Brotherhood, who have been watching over the world for 95,000 years. The Maitreya wasn’t actually there mind you, he was a few miles away in London’s East End, where he’s been since 1977. Instead, the meeting was compered, as it is been has since 1974, by Benjamin Creme (pronounced as in brulee), a cheerful, gnomic character with a surprisingly wry sense of humour for a spiritual mouthpiece.
Initially Creme told us he was to be “overshadowed” by the Maitreya, who would generously share his power with us, transmitted through Creme’s sparkling beady eyes. While Creme stared at us each in turn we were to listen to a tape recording of his master’s hypnotic voice: “Allow me to manifest through you, and know God”, ” I need your help. I call on you to aid me in my task”. Some of the audience meditated, others simply fell asleep. One mysterious looking character went to the front of the stage and stared menacingly at us before disappearing behind the curtain, pursued by two anxious Maitreyettes. We would later learn about the Anti-Maitreyas, could this have been one of them?
Other than a famous 1998 appearance and disappearance in Kenya, Maitreya has yet to make himself known to the world at large, but this day is coming “very soon”. The Day of Declaration is when the whole planet will be united telepathically and the big M will share his might and wisdom with us all. His aims are noble; to end suffering on this planet, to balance the distribution of food and wealth, to encourage people to share. This action will pave the way for a future of “unimaginable beauty and splendour” as we develop divine and magical abilities. One day we too will have the power to work miracles like the Maitreya. His influence is felt in many ways; weeping, winking and bleeding statues of Jesus and Mary, angels, crosses of light, milk drinking Ganesh statues, vanishing hitchhikers and, presumably, the face of Mother Theresa in a current bun. The worldwide outpouring of grief and love over Princess Diana’s death was also “potentised” by Maitreya – does this then implicate him in the accident? Also important are 777 pools of healing water scattered around the planet. Only three have been found so far, so there’s a long way to go, but Blather readers will be glad to know there’s one due in Dublin – this organ is blessed indeed.
For those who can’t wait for the Day of Declaration, Maitreya will soon be seen discussing the global poverty situation on an American TV news programme. You won’t recognise him however, as he’ll be incognito. This is how he appears to followers all around the world, most recently sitting on a bus opposite two members of Tuesday’s audience – he looked exactly like Benjamin Creme. Tricky bugger.
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Mark Pilkington the editor of Strange Attractor .

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