The Water Wizards Part II – The Interview

Transcript from interview with Con Connor, Living Water Workshop, 20th July 1999. By Dave Walsh.

How did you come across Living water?

I was up at an eco-village in Clones, Co. Monaghan with some friends, and a man who has invented a device for putting Cosmic Energy into water appeared, Jonathan Stromberg, and he with him some Vortex Energisers, which were put on a table in the middle of the room, and being a dowser, a diviner, I quickly pulled out the pendulum, held them over the devices and I quickly started dowsing, and I was amazed at how strong they were. I’d seen things with huge energy before, concentrated energy, but these were phenomenally strong. I asked a few questions, and made a few suggestions, and was very shortly offered a dealership. A man named Graham Whitehead, who is part of the Living Water Workshop, came into the room then, and we had some craic, and we had some chat, and we quickly realised that we knew exactly what we were both talking about, and that this is the most important thing around.

So, without making a deal or a business arrangement, we said “let’s do it’. We haven’t made any money at it yet, but we’re still doing it.

– I see you mention ‘Cosmic Energy’, and ‘Primary Energy’. Are they the same thing?

Let’s say we can define two types of energy, Earth Energy and Sky Energy. The sky energy is also known as prana, chi, odic force, Od, astral fluid, luminiferous ether, bions, orgone, ‘Ré’ in Old Irish. The earth energy is known as ‘Neart’ in Old Irish. Some of those terms are used for Cosmic Energy but are also used for Earth Energy.
Basically it attempts to describe what is unknowable.

– Can you tell me what a Vortex Energiser is?

The vortex is the means by which nature moves energy throughout the universe. The universe itself is a spiralling vortex of energy. We see spiralling vortices in clusters of stars, in tornadoes, the way that water goes out of a bath… the blood through your veins, leaves growing up the stem of a plant, the way a pine-cone is formed… It’s a natural way for energy to move, is in a vortex. When we see a representation of an energy wave, we see a zigzag line, it’s a cheap 2D version of the truth, which is a spiralling vortex.

An energiser would be a means of putting this primary energy РR̩ or prana Рinto something. To energise something is to take that which has very little or low energy, and to raise its energetic value.

A Vortex Energiser would be a device which would use the vortex principle of moving the primary energy, creating and facilitating the flow of this energy through any substance.

– What form does the Vortex Energiser take? Is it a small machine with moving parts?

The Vortex Energisers that the Living Water Workshop provides for energising your tap water, there’s two basic types. There’s the Vortex Energiser for The Centre for Implosion Research and there’s the Nordic Vortex Energiser, made by a man down in Wicklow, Ciaran Graham. They vary immensely in scale and in manufacture, but they both have the same basic principle, and they’re both filled with high-energy water. This high-energy water is a means of flavouring the flow of Cosmic Energy that goes through, to tune or flavour this energy to give an imprint..high-energy for water. So by connecting these devices to water, by the copper pipes or incoming mains, you can transfer this Cosmic Energy to the water.

[At this stage Con presents a Vortex Energiser, the one made by the The Centre for Implosion Research. It’s made of four 6mm copper pipes welded in parallel, and formed into a spiralling helix, with a greater diameter of about about 20cm, while the helix is about 25cm in length from start to finish. He holds it, pointing down, over my open palm.]

You might notice a gentle warm/cold tingle?

[I have to confess that I *think* I felt something, but it didn’t last long, perhaps 5 seconds, while the energiser was pointing at me for at least 15 seconds.]

That is the free-flow of primary energy into you. You see, the reason this works, why you resonate and feel it, is you’re mostly water. Your body is 70% water, and your head is maybe 90% water. When you were born, you were 98% water. The sperm in the egg that created you were 99 point something per cent water. In this water is all the vital force that is primary energy, prana, chi, whatever you want to call it.

– So, how the Vortex Energiser installed?

Ideally, this is placed, touching your incoming mains water, before your mains water separates at a T-junction, using 2 cable ties, just touching the pipe. The transfer is copper to copper, as it is with electricity transfers. What we’re talking about here is transfer of Light Energy, Cosmic Energy. Touching the pipe is sufficient.

– Isn’t putting Vortex Energisers on the people’s houses a cure rather than a prevention?

Yes it is, but it’s the immediate result that’s needed. When you store water in a reservoir, it doesn’t move, it warms up and loses its energy. Then it’s hit with chemicals and toxins. Then it’s strained to get the chemicals and toxins out. Following that it’s pumped, with forced oxygen, through straight narrow pipes, which rip off the outer electrons we’re talking centrifugal motion here. By doing all of this, we’re continually lowering the energetic value of the water, until it gets to the house. Two options – we can tell the government (laughs) or we can try and tell people that they can make the change in their house. Governments are very slow to listen unless there’s huge profit, brown envelopes and all the rest. People, on the other hand, some of them are very concerned about the quality of water, and will do anything to fix it. So we’re people orientated, and not too concerned about governments. They’ll come to us when the time is right.

– If people want to install an energiser, do they come to you?
They’re very easy to install, both the Nordic Energiser, which is £70, and the Vortex Energiser, which is £115. There’s an awful lot of engineering goes into making one of these. I’m available to install them in Dublin, for which I charge £30. It usually takes an hour there and back, and an hour to fit it. But you can fit it, with two cable ties, to the copper pipe below your sink, and solve all the problems yourself. We also have ‘personal harmonizers’, which can be worn as a pendant, or carried in your pocket, which you can use to energise your glass of water. Then there’s the ‘Nordic copper-stone pendant’, which I’m wearing myself.

– How does bottled mineral water compare to Living Water?

Volvic is a good water, as is Celtic Mist. But there’s less legislation on bottled water than tap water. You might as well get your tap water, add shite to it, and sell it. The bottled water we get is not protected at all, it has more contaminants than tap water. Rainwater actually contains a lot more toxins than tap water. A lot of the bottled water we get is rainwater that hasn’t had enough time to soak deep into the earth.

– People tend to be sceptical about the sort of things you’re saying – why should the ‘person in the street’ be impressed?

There’s two very good stories, which are very simple, and very touching. One is about a woman who bought a Vortex Energiser, fitted to her her mains water at home and went immediately to visit her mother. But before she left, she filled a bottle of this water to bring with her. So off she went, from the north of Dublin up to Dundalk. When she gets to Dundalk, the dog is there, and really delighted and excited to see her. So she goes over to the dog, and the dog is really jumping, and panting, with its tongue hanging out. She’s says ‘Oh it’s great that the dog is so happy to see me’, and she put down her handbag and bottle of water, so she could pat the dog. The dog robbed the bottle of water and disappeared off with it. She went home three days later. Before she got into her own house at home, her neighbour came out and said ‘you won’t believe what’s happened’ – she hadn’t been told about the Vortex Energiser now – ‘the water has changed, come in and taste the tea!’

So, we have the dog – dogs don’t think, he saw the light, and was really interested in it, so much so that he ignored the person he was used to getting food and rubs from, and ran off with the bottle of water. Then there was the neighbour, who had no knowledge of the Vortex Energiser, who was so delighted that the water had been fixed, that she grabbed her friend and told her. Because the lady had fitted the energiser, and had not used the water, the light, the high-energy that was put into the water, had travelled in every direction it could, eventually to the neighbours house. How far this works, we don’t know yet.

Another very simple story is cut flowers. Cut flowers, in your chlorinated, fluoridated water can last two or three days. The same water, energised, will give you ten days.

It’s also helps to – women will love this one – unwanted fat from the body. It flushes out the kidneys, the stomach and it keeps the whole system clean.

There’s a very simple equation for water. It’s not ‘H2O’, that’s not water, that’s dead science pretending the water is dead.

You breathe one pint a day out, you sweat at least two, and you piss three. You don’t need to be a mathematician to know that you need six pints of water. People don’t drink the water because they’re told there’s so much poison in it. Therefore you’ve got a lot of sickness. So what do they do, they give you a tablet, the tablet just gets you dependant, not well, who gets well? The pharmaceutical companies, not the person.

It’s reckoned, in major healing circles, that up to 60% of the world’s
health problems would be cured by people drinking water.

– I’m curious about this idea of ‘light in the water’ – can you explain
that further?

OK, well let’s try and explain that in a more understandable way. I’m only a plumber myself, a retired plumber… let’s talk about the subtle energy in the human body, which we think is a mild form of electricity. Let’s just re-phrase that and call it ‘light’. We have seven major Chakra points, and these are transformers of this electricity, of the light. Our Irish ancestors carried the well-deserved titles of ‘Lords of Light’ and ‘The Shining Ones’. This is because they were full of this consciousness, this higher vibratory light, and they were well attuned to drinking high quality water. They would never drink water from a stagnant pool… such as Blessington Lakes, Glenismole…

They would only drink water that came from a deep well source, because it had been energised by nature, and had a high content of this light. A simple test can show this. If you get a glass of water from a pond, and a glass of water from a well, and you hold them up to the sunlight, one is sparking and vibrant and clear, and the other is dull and opaque. But if you take samples of both these pieces of water and send them off for analysis to Dr. David Schweitzer and his phase fluorescent contrast microscopic cameras, at 4000 magnification,at £60 each. You’ll find that the deep well water has lots of light, and in the pond water there will be little or no light. So, the vibrations correspond to the concentration of the light, and the light relates to how much energy, prana is in the water.

Depending on the water you’re starting with, and you put a Nordic, or Vortex Energiser on it, you can induce more prana or life energy into that water. If you start with very good water, like deep well water, you’re starting with something that already has a high amount of light in it. But when you get very good water, and energise it very strongly, this water doesn’t just have light, biophotons emitting light, but it becomes structured. It’s develops clusters and patterns – we’re talking fractal science at this stage. The latest research on water is talking about three extra electrons on the outer orbits.

– How can this light be put in by Nature itself?

How does nature do it? The normal hydrological cycle that we’re taught in school is that the Sun. falls on the oceans and land, and causes mist, which rises as clouds, which dusts attaches to and creates rain. It runs off as rivers, back into the sea, and that’s most of the cycle. The other part of the cycle is that there’s soakage into the earth, through various layers of minerals, and sediments and sands, gravels and quartzes. It can go down maybe, up to 10,000 feet, through different layers of the earth, where it reaches a point of superheating, and it begins its return journey. It won’t come back the same way that it’s gone down, but will come back up heated, and pass through different combination of elements and minerals. During this process it has taken an electric charge of a very subtle nature, a light charge, from various minerals and rocks. This would be nature energising water.

We have a tradition Ireland of the Holy Wells and Sacred Wells, where this well is good for the ears, this well is good for the heart, and none of this is by accident. It was all well understood hundreds or years ago, lost to us now, but being rediscovered. So nature’s method of imploding water, is to allow it filter deep into the earth and to return when it wants to. We have lots of fossilized, high-energy water, some parts of the world are existing exclusively on fossil water. It’s high-energy, but it’s not being replaced, the same as the coal and oil are not being replaced. Our rate of consumption is beyond it’s rate of production.

– What does the Living Water Workshop hope to achieve?

We hope to achieve a shift in thinking about water as a living thing, which we would regard as a miracle, in the general population. This water can give us health and happiness. We’ve been programmed in the last twenty or thirty years to believe that water is two dirty to drink, so we’ve all lowered our water intake, let the toxins build up, and the pharmaceutical companies get rich. They haven’t cured anything, but they’ve gotten rich. We hope, as a result of our work, that people will start to drink water, that they will seek high-energy water, and hassle the shit out of politicians to stop putting dirt in the water. I suppose what we really want is for people to re-remember that water is very important, and that we’re *supposed* to drink it. We need 5 pints of water a day to stay alive.

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