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“A certain Fabio Troncarelli, Professor of History at Italy’s Viterbo University, apparently found “detailed proof” in the Vatican’s Inquisition archives. He discovered that Zorro, the masked Robin Hood of Mexico was in fact a bloke from Wexford called William Lamport.”

Blather, on Irish TV. For a whole 30 seconds!
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True Lives: Tell Me Captain Strange

Tuesday 23 October 22:10 RTE 1

Blather’s Dave Walsh appears (and speaks) briefly in this highly entertaining documentary about Irish UFO witnesses. So who will admit to knowing that that Co. Kerry was abuzz with UFO sightings just five days after the alleged 1947 Roswell happening? Also stars Eamon Ansbro, a UFO researcher referred quite a lot in the Blather archives.

Directed by Colum Stapleton

Tell Me Captain Strange discussion

William Lamport
About a year and a half ago, a couple of newspapers devoted some space to claims that Zorro – as in ‘the mark of’ – was from the south east of Ireland. We meant to mention it, but never quite got round to it.

A certain Fabio Troncarelli, Professor of History at Italy’s Viterbo University, apparently found “detailed proof” in the Vatican’s Inquisition archives. He discovered that Zorro, the masked Robin Hood of Mexico was in fact a bloke from Wexford called William Lamport.

According to the Inquisition records, Lamport born to a well-off Irish family in 1615, and educated by the Jesuits in Dublin and London. After making himself distinctly unpopular for his anti-English opinions, he cleared off to sea, and hooked up with some pirates. From our understanding of Wexford during this period, meeting up with pirates would have a simple enough matter – piracy seems to have fuelled the local economy. In his early twenties, Lamport ended up in Spain, where he became known as ‘Guillen Lombardo’.

After Lamport fought with Spain in the war against France, he came to the attention of Duke of Olivares, chief minister at the court of Philip IV of Spain. He fell from grace, and fled to Mexico after a scandal involving a Spanish noblewoman. It really was a case of out of the frying pan, and into the fire; the Inquisition accused him of conspiring against Spain. His alleged plans involved freeing the slaves and setting himself up as king. After several bouts of imprisonment, they eventually toasted him at the stake… but true to form, Lamport got the last laugh, and strangled himself with the rope that had been used to secure him to the stake.

Blather’s Zorro discussion

The Irish Independent, January 30th, 1999

The Times, January 29 1999

The Real Zorro

History Ireland – the current issue has an article on Lamport (we have to get our hands on it)


Some time ago, Blather’s Barry Kavanagh interviewed Alan Moore, the author of *From Hell*. A movie of Moore’s graphic novel has just been released in the U.S., starring Johnny Depp and Heather Graham. The official From Hell website has linked to Blather has a primary source of background material.

From Hell Discussion


If it’s not hairy men, it’s feckin’ catgut.

We don’t think this is spam. We think someone is either confused, or convinced we should diversify. One Belal Mohammed from down Cairo way recently emailed Blather, telling us of his factory that produces hospital furniture, and his plans to manufacture surgical suture. Inexplicably, Belal reckons that Blather should be able to supply the machinery for the project. We have no idea what he’s on about, but if there’s any Blather readers proficient in the manufacture of surgical suture from 40% catgut, 20% vicral, 30% silk and 10% Polyamide, there’s some people in Egypt who would love to hear from you.


A month or two ago, an envelope arrived at PO Box 7711, Phibsboro, Dublin7. It was from PeopleCards, and the contents have baffled and shocked everyone that has seen them.

Mr. Brant E. Herman (President) has decided to tap into the weird world of normal people, wrinkles and all. He’s sent us a pack of PeopleCards trading cards, cards that feature *real* people. There’s Roy Peters and his belly in Walnut, Mississippi. Roy likes working on Hot Rods and saying ‘whatever’. From Illinois, Lisa Marie Hayes looks like she sleeps in her wedding dress, and exudes culinary sophistication: she likes ‘McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets, but I will eat just about anything’. The improbably named Nathan Erwin Féileacán, who plays Boggle naked. He likes ocelots though, so he’s probably less disturbing than he looks.

If you’re not scared this distastefulness, head to and get a free sample… or make your own card.


A thread started by one Gully Foyle, who’s travelling around Ireland. Read about Charles Fort, uh… Charles Fort, *several* magic roads, and other weird stuff.

Dave Walsh

October 23rd, 2001

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