When Animals Attack!

Feral ferrets, belligerent badgers in the news…

Been some great, improbable ‘animal attack’ stories in the news in recent days. These are both from the UK:

Hungry ferret causes rail scare

A hungry ferret has caused panic on a train by racing around carriages and eating the driver’s lunch, a train company says.

From BBC News

Badger rampage injures five

A rogue badger attacked five people during a 48-hour rampage in a quiet suburb.

One man required two skin graft operations, after the badger woke him up and attacked him when he went outside to investigate.

More on the BBC website

Incidentally, I’ve been appalled by the amount of dead badgers I’ve seen on Irish roads this year. I’ve started a ‘dead badger watch’ on p45rant.com.

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