Patagonia: This is Global Warming

Any doubts about melting ice, or climate change?

Greenpeace have just published comparative photographs of the Upsala Glacier, in Patagonia, Argentina. They’ve published a ‘before’ image from 1928, and photography from last month.
Glaciers in Patagonia are vanishing at rate of 42 cubic kilometres a year, faster than anywhere else on earth. There’s various reasons for this, but human-induced change pays a major part.

In recent years the melting of the glaciers in Patagonia has accelerated which indicates human induced climate change. From 1995 through 2000 the rate of ice loss from the ice fields more than doubled. The sheer volume of melt water from glaciers is causing the sea levels to rise, increasing the risk of flooding in many of the world’s coastal areas. It is also starting to cause problems for people who depend on the glaciers for their fresh water supply. This may cause enormous problems in the future given that a third of the world’s population – 2 billion people – rely on rivers fed by Himalayan glaciers alone.

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