Month: August 2006

Pyramids of Guimar

(Canary Islands, Spain) Dave finally gets his arse in gear, and posts photographs from his visit to the mysterious ancient Pyramids of Güímar in the Canary Islands. For most of us, Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, conjures up a dead-end zone of package-holiday hell. A place where thick-necked pale-skinned beer-swillers are carted in like cattle, to fry their sweaty, hungover bodies in the African sunshine. This is just part of the picture - the horrors of Tenerife are confined to one dreadful stretch of the south coast. The Canarians aren't crazy - they ship the undiscerning visitors off to the most barren, desolate part of the island. The rest of Tenerife is stunningly beautiful - from the cactus deserts of the lowlands, to the alpine forests on the way up to the Martian Plateau that sits below the volcano of El Teide. On the east coast, not far from the...