Would you rob my grave as quick?

Een dag uit het leven van Mussolini: Benito Mussolini in zijn karakteristieke trotse  houding met een spittende arbeider op het strand van de badplaats Ostia bij Rome. Foto uit 1931.
Benito Mussolini in his characteristic attitude with a proud worker Digging on the beach of the seaside resort of Ostia near Rome. Photo from 1931.

The long held and longer respected Irish nocturnal tradition of body snatching is alive and well in the 21st century, it seems. Sort of. Kinda. We’re not exactly sure if it officially counts though, if you leave the body back. Kinda. Sort of.
Reports reaching Blather HQ today indicate a corpse has been mysteriously (and illegally) exhumed and reburied in a separate grave under cover of darkness in Co. Limerick in recent times. Limerick (Old Irish: Liabh mé de féic alóne; take mó bhállet) is no stranger to nefarious after-hours activity, but even by its own standards, this counts as a strange one.
No exhumation order was sought, nor were official graveyard authorities present at the ‘removal’. It all just kind of happened by itself.
At night. In the dark. With nobody watching.
According to Irish law, a priest, a guard (Police officer) and an environmental officer must be present at any exhumation.
I wonder which one of them does the digging?
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Image from Flickr Commons, used under a CC Licence