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Ireland for 2026 Winter Olympics?

This is wonderful… and slightly surreal.

The world climate is changing and there is a distinct possibility that the climate in the west of Ireland is heading for a mini ice-age at some point in the not too distant future.

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  1. It may be quite silly, but it does raise a very serious point. Considering the weather of the last few weeks it’s hard to doubt that global warming is happening.

  2. I thought I might submit this for your website of the week.
    uncle-tv.com is dedicated to keeping alive the series of ‘Uncle’ books
    written by J.P.Martin and is also about my attempts to develop them into
    an animated film.
    The books are a riot of nonsense and invention. Uncle is an elephant —
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    is by water chute, Iift and switchback railway. Uncle and his friends, a
    very odd lot, have a perpetual feud with the Badfort Crowd and there are
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    permanent casualties.
    Intriguingly one publisher rejected the books on the grounds that they
    were amoral and said Uncle was “a fascist” whereas The Listener
    reviewing the first book said “Uncle is a savage attack on a capitalist
    The author, a clergyman, originally wrote the stories in the 1930’s for
    his own children and they were eventually published in the 1960’s. Sadly
    they are now out of print.
    The books were illustrated by the then little known Quentin Blake who is
    now, of course, a very popular author and illustrator of children?s
    books. In fact the price of second hand copies of the books is quite
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    Hope you enjoy the site.
    Best Wishes
    Tony Bannister

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