Most of the Internet is about Bobby Darin

Our research shows that most of the internet consists of Bobby Darin websites.

Bobby Darin
Imagine our surprise when we ventured to find out exactly what the internet consists of, and we discovered that even the millions of porn sites add up to a relatively minor outpost of the net, compared to the amount of Bobby Darin sites.
As of yet there is no rational explanation. One theory is that the internet was originally developed so that scientists could share information about Bobby Darin.
Inside the internet
Upon his death in 1973, Darin’s body was donated to the UCLA Medical Center for research purposes. The need for international dialogue between scientists may have gained impetus from this, leading to the development of the internet. However, a spokesman for Bobby Darin has insisted that “scientists have only ever discussed Bobby’s singing career” and that his cadaver cannot possibly justify literally billions of websites.

Barry Kavanagh writes fiction, and has made music, formerly with Dacianos.

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  1. Hey anyone who’s famous for singing “If I were a carpenter” clearly deserves the attention. Research suggests that most Darin sites centre on the crucial question -“If you were a carpenter, what would you make?”
    Still poor Bobby D, he had a few shocks in his life.Take 1968, when he was considering a career in politics, Bobby discovered his “mother” Polly was actually his Grandmother and his “sister” Nina was really his mother. gings!

  2. OMG it’s true! And what’s worse, it appears there is a stark and undeniable correlation between Bobby Darin and dog books, clearly evidenced by a search for q=bobby.darin%20dog.books from that one most popular websearch site that everyone knows but apparently it is not permissable to say on blather if you want your comment to pass the language robocop.

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