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From the creators of the multi-billion dollar game franchise ‘The Crims’ and ‘Crim City’, comes the next stage in massively multiplayer online gaming – WHORE. Ten years in development, WHORE represents a sea-change in gaming experience where you assume the role of an all-seeing, all-knowing pimp-deity who controls the reproductive rights of a sexually miseducated teenage girl. WHORE’s unique online community of user-created avatars can be shared and compared, allowing you to pitch your carefully nurtured high-class call girl against your fellow players’ violent crack-ho.

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The next evolution in gaming is upon us. From the mind of Count O’Blather, the creator of The Crims, comes WHORE, an epic journey that takes you from the origin and evolution of a nascent ‘lady of the night’ through the development of serious drug addiction and sexual slavery all the way to an ignominious white chalk mark photo-op in a dumpster off Times Square.
Begin your odyssey as you control the fate of a simple teenage girl just trying to get through school, then use the fun, intuitive ‘peer-pressure’ feature to bully the young lady into keeping the offspring of an embarrasing sexual encounter with a well-meaning but unambitious local hick. Watch in amusement as your refusal to educate your teenage girl about sex leads to hilarious consequences.
Knock up
Depending on the social background of your ward (affluent, white, middle-class wasp or impoverished, socially-excluded, ethnic minority) you can guide her between the scylla and charybdis of a life of hellish servitude in a loveless marriage or perhaps the path of a full-blown prostitute. Should she keep the baby? Why wasn’t she sexually educated enough to consider using contraception? Grapple with these immense moral questions as you take a quick break to go bear-hunting and looking for oil in a wildlife reserve.
Assume no responsibility
Assuming you choose the path of forcing your creature to have the unwanted baby (which, let’s face it, you will, because you couldn’t possibly consider a different path) you can guide your budding sex-worker as she’s shoved into a life of forced prostitution and de-facto slavery, renting her body out to an army of lotharious scumbags and criminals. Or, should your girl have come from a family of wealth or standing, you can claim it was all God’s will anyway.
WHORE will be available from the Blather store whenever we finish making it.
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