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Zombies. Tits. Dildos. Nuns. Guns. Nuns with Guns. More Tits. Coming October 2009, is proud to present the most shocking horror movie ever made, ‘Let The Right Nun In‘. In this world exclusive, catches up with writer and director Conor-Clubfoot O’Flap who is now busy putting the final touches on the film which has taken him six years to bring to the silver screen.

Filmed on location in Co. Louth, Ireland, Let The Right Nun In is the harrowing tale of a zombie-nun outbreak in the town of Drogheda during a violent electrical storm on Halloween night. The plot revolves around Margie, a young impressionable American woman visting Ireland in an attempt to find her Irish roots. However, Margie’s plans are scuppered when, as a result of an illegal dumping of some toxic muck from Sellafield and an unusual alignment of Uranus and Pluto during a freak electrical storm, a pack of cadaverous Brides of Christ burst from the grave and set about rampaging through Drogheda town – raping, dildoing and eating people alive. met with O’Flap in his Dublin studio, where he and chief editor Lisa Giblets are holed-up, now in the third week of cutting the movie. The process is arduous with O’Flap and Giblets frequently coming to verbals as they fight over every last cut.
‘Well, the thing about the process’ opines Giblets, ‘is that it’s a process. That means it’s long, it’s frustrating and we both have passionate views’. Giblets went on to outline what constituted a typical argument. ‘Well, in one crucial scene our heroine Margie has to beat a zombie Mother Superior’s head in with a 12-inch, double-ended black rubber dildo. Conor wanted the entire thing shown from the perspective of the masturbating zombie-priest who is looking in from outside the window, but I preferred to cross-cut between the priest, the terrified cat in the corner and the dildo-mounted camera. The result is quite astonishing.’
And indeed it is. We’ve only seen early rushes but it already looks like O’Flap has fashioned a stonking watch. Of particular note were two spectacular action sequences, the first of which involved a group of survivors barricaded into an Ann Summers store who are forced to defend themselves with the various wares around them and a explosive, high-octane moped chase through a Tesco carpark where two characters fight off a flesh-munching horde using only rubber chickens and super-soakers filled with holy water.
We caught up with him over a coffee and let his infectious enthusiam speak for itself. ‘Let The Right Nun In is a terrifying, roller-coaster ride of blood, guts, gore, wimples, screaming American teenagers with gravity-defying breasts running in slow-motion through the rain from rabid, foaming-at-the-mouth, undead, dildo-wielding members of the clergy’ he said breathlessly. ‘It has violence, blasphemy, heresy, indeceny, filth, depravity, fornication and more wet, slow-mo bouncing breasts than you could shake a crozier at, but with an underlying tenderness and moral conscience that you don’t get in mainstream horror cinema’.
So, it’s not just an exercise in prurient tittilation for acne-riddled teenagers who’ll use their girlfriend’s frenzied clinging as an excuse to drop the hand then, we asked him? ‘Oh Lord no’ O’Flap said with vehemence, ‘It’s a moral fable with timely message about the dangers of nuclear waste.’
Let The Right Nun In is released October 15th 2009.
Written by Damien and Jane Ruffino.
Original image by Mattheu Aubry. Used under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 2.0 Generic License

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  1. I noticed the credit for your image went to Mathieu Aubry. . . his name looks french-canadian at first glance but it’s older origens are irish, there are loads of these in rhe Quebec telephone books in french “au” is pronounced “O”, so we have Aubé, Aubert, Aubry etc. . . which are in fact french spellings of O’Beigh, O’Brien etc… just thought I’d let ya know.

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