George Lee says he would ‘LOVE IT, JUST LOVE IT’ if Fine Gael lost the next election

George Lee T.D., pictured during his resignation rant in the Dail Eireann canteen at 11am yesterday
[DUBLIN] Scandal and screaming in Dail Eireann as TD George Lee peppers the chamber door with assorted toys fired from an armoured pram.

Fine Gael TD George Lee resigned from the Dail in spectacular fashion yesterday morning, when upon finding himself sitting alone in the Dail canteen for the ninth working day in a row (as fellow FGers sat together at the ‘cool kids’ table), Lee is reported to have flung his food tray at the wall, stamped his feet and launched into a volley of abuse which lasted fully thirty minutes.
The tirade is reported to have resulted in his leaving both the FG party and the Dail itself. Mr. Lee is also reported to have been barred from the Dail canteen with Gubnait O’Hoop, catering manager for the Dail quoted as saying, ‘we can’t be putting up with this class of thing at all’.
In a wide-ranging diatribe Mr. Lee is alleged to have called FG leader Enda Kenny a ‘private-school, rugby-playing shite’ and described the Fine Gael parlimentary party as a pack of ‘stuck-up prats’.
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  1. This is wrong, all wrong. It’s SHERYL Lee that has left Fine Gael, to dwell forever in the Black Lodge with the Little Man From Another Place. Infinitely more electable too…

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