Republicans Table Bill Asking President Obama To ‘Get To The Fucking Point’

(image from Obama Flickr stream, used under a Creative Commons license)
House Republicans, frustrated at having been lectured at length by the President on three separate occasions in recent months, have tabled a motion in the senate urging the President to ‘get to the fucking point’. Senator Chuck Gibble (R. Arkansas) told reporters that he and his GOP colleagues had tabled the motion because they ‘simply couldn’t stand another one of those God-damned six-hour meetings’.

‘He just rambles on and on’ he said, ‘speaking in five-word statements, with five-second pauses between the statements with occasional ‘uh’s and ‘ah’s which drag on for a God-damned eternity while we sit there getting ass-cramp. I’m serious – another one of those meetings and I’ll throw myself off a God-damned bridge.’
Other GOPers were keen to add their voice to the issue with Senator Michelle Buckfast (R. Iowa) saying that the President’s ‘interminable monologues’ were ‘boring the country to death’. ‘I can’t stand this: hour after hour of him sitting there talking and talking, sounding articulate and informed, with that shit-eater smile. It makes me want to puke’ she said.
Congressman Dean Hurd (R. Alaska) was particularly vocal, stating that ‘if I have to listen to him wanging on about Healthcare for one more day I am likely to go fucking postal. I mean it man – I can’t hack it. Him, Biden and Pelosi – yapping and yapping and yapping. It’s fucking unbearable’.
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The Republican Party And The Obama Conspiracy Theories

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  1. Will someone PLEASE tell me how Obama qualified for a higher than Top Secret Clearance when all his background is hidden and untouchable??? How can his background be checked??? I had to jump through hoops to get a Secret Clearance while in the military.

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