Superman spotted in Serbia


Previously on Blather, we had brought you the news that Superman had refused to rescue a cat from a tree. And, that we believed, was the end of that…

But, now it appears the caped one has appeared in Serbia. No, seriously: a report from the indefatigable lads over at Ananova tells us that residents of Ljubovija have been confounded by a UFS (Unidentified Flying Superhero) this week.

Hundreds of residents in Ljubovija described seeing a cloaked person flying above buildings “as if he had an invisible engine on his back” and changing directions while in mid-air, local daily Blic reported.

Unidentified Flying Superhero

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  1. I have just returned from an expedition to Croatia, which involved a brief foray into Bosnia. I did not, however, stray into Serbia at any time, though I did quite fancy a trip to Montenegro.

  2. Hello from Serbia and Montenegro!
    Just wanted to invite you to come in Belgrade next time you visit South Europe and to say that i didn’t see any flying monsters around here for a while 😀
    Bye 🙂

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