“Lost” and “The Third Policeman”?

An alleged spoiler…

20/02/06: Update on the connections between Lost and the Third Policeman here »
Allegedly, in the 3rd episode of the forthcoming “Lost” season #2, the book “The Third Policeman” by Flann O’Brien “will be prominently featured at a key moment.” It “was chosen very specifically for a reason.”
Hmm. You can probably guess why.
This is the source of the rumour, here.
The Emmy-award winning television show Lost will, in the October 5th episode, feature Flann O’Brien’s novel The Third Policeman in a way that will purportedly provide key insight into the show’s omnipresent mystery and uncertainty. Lost, with an audience of 31 million viewers, is one of the most popular and talked-about shows on television. Since the story was first reported by the Chicago Tribune on September 21, Dalkey Archive Press has sold thousands of copies of the novel. The book has also reached the top 100 on Amazon.com.
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  1. Just wondering if anybody had any thoughts of Myles as a character, or an Irish actor to play Flann’s alter ego Myles. possibly for a documentary on Irish television

  2. Thanks for the suggestion. We’ve actually finished the documentary and it is to air on RTE1 April 4 at 22:15. Its called “Flann O Brien, The lives of Brian”.

  3. Me and my bike are ‘one’.
    Part man, Part Chopper I know all historical secrets and my bike has taken on some of my traits too. Oh-er Dark matter enduced fit coming on.

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