Artemis-Germany’s Giant Brothel

The Goddess Artemis is represented as the ethernal virgin in Greek Mythology. Which is why it seems a strange choice for the name of a new five million euro Berlin super brothel. It’s always possible that the owners were being ironic, although the interior suggests otherwise. The mock Greek/ Las Vegas interior, with plush red curtains and leopard skin cushions is said to resemble a British ‘Carry On’ movie.

“As Berlin prepares itself for the World Cup soccer championship next year, the city is thinking about more than just hotels and stadiums. A unique new form of luxury brothel opens next week in the German captial. Although it’s owners deny that the crowds of randy soccer fans were the motivation, the brothel is just down the road from the World Cup Stadium.”
What is progressive about this brothel is that prostitutes pay an ‘entry fee’, which rules out the involvement of pimps. The brothel is also said to be a safe and hygenic workspace, which is being welcomed by Berlin sex-workers. Perhaps football ‘widows’ can sleep a little sounder at this news also..

So, your man is going to the world cup, eh?

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