Outrage! EU Pays for Political Porn!

“Pornographic posters showing naked figures wearing masks portraying the Queen, President Chirac and President Bush have created fierce controversy in Austria on the eve of the country taking over the EU presidency from Britain.”

“The posters, which went on display this week in Vienna, were financed by a €1 million (£680,000) grant from the Austrian Government. It had hoped that a series of pictures by artists from all member states would reflect the social and political diversity of the EU. Instead, the work has provoked an unseemly row.”
“The George Bush figure is a woman model using the appropriate mask. She is seen bending over, with the Queen and President Chirac kneeling behind her. The Queen can be seen clutching the hips of the George Bush character.”
I dunno. It certainly seems to have a message. Our interpretation: ‘Make love, not war. And if you can’t make love, at least get laid. In a threesome, and shoot some pictures, or video, and make money. Yay for the Eeeeyoooooo’
The Times (London): Outrage as porn posters of the Queen ‘promote’ EU presidency »
Here’s a link to the offending poster »

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  1. Art is art.
    There may be some people who do not like it, but art needs to be appreciated in all its forms. We must remember all the posters of gay men appearing in full frontal nude. No one says anything because it involves men, however when a woman is put into the picture, it becomes offensive, I would question that perhaps all of society thinks that the female body is offensive and not the male.

  2. Jennifer – I’m not sure I agree with you. Whatabout the hiding of male nudity in movies? It’s perfectly acceptable to put female nudes on TV and film, but not, apparently, the male nude.

  3. It is so common, women on TV and movies can have their big boobs hanging out on every scene, but very seldom is there ever a good shot a male crotch or hairy chest (where’s my towel?). There should be more female directors/producers/editors and then the best scenes will be seen for men interested in men.

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