The Dublin Event Guide, King Kong and the Koalas of New Zealand

Email sent by to the Dublin Event Guide:
“Your writer, Paul Byrne, needs to get his geography and natural history up to scratch. In his article about Peter Jackson, he claims that Jackson has almost replaced the koala bear as the national symbol of New Zealand. New Zealand’s symbol is actually the Kiwi – there are no indigenous land mammals in New Zealand at all. In fact, the koala is an Australian marsupial. And the Australian national symbol is the kangaroo anyway…”
The interview is online:

Indeed. For his ‘King Kong’, Jackson has 2,200 computer-generated shots, but he also had twice as many miniatures built as for all three ‘Lord Of The Rings’ films combined. That Jackson has created his own mini-Hollywood in his native Wellington — where he has three production companies, WingNut Films, Weta Limited and Three Foot Six, along with the expansive Stone Street Studios complex — has seen the 5’ 6″ filmmaker practically overtake the koala bear as New Zealand’s national emblem. The national airline has a ‘Lord Of The Rings’ logo painted down the side. Arrive at the airport, and there’s a statue of Gollum. Go walking around Wellington, and there’s a mosaic portrait of Jackson in the town square.
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  1. hey, sure we all used to write for the DEG. Back in the day, I would have found it ridiculous to even consider checking facts for a review. Fuckit, we even made up smoe bands.

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