There’s a New Buddha. In Nepal.

A mysterious so-called “new Buddha” has come to light in the jungle of Bara district of Katmandu. Every day hundreds of people from different countries show up there. Some believing and worshipping him and some thinking “how can it happen?” and predicting so many things about the monk.
“Can someone live for more than six months without food and drink?” – asks the article.

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Ram Bahadur Bamjon, a 15-year old Nepali boy from a village in Bara district of Nepal is said to be in deep meditation under a Peepal tree, without consuming food and water, for the last 6 months. He does not speak and his followers are allowed to see him from a distance of 50 meters. The young mystic is hidden from public view at night behind a curtain drawn by his followers. Nearly 100,000 devotees from Nepal and India have flocked in recent weeks to the dense forest where the boy is meditating. The credulous people have already started calling him as Buddha’s incarnation.
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  1. i am really shocked by this news that buddha is found in nepal. may this birth of new buddha may help in making our country nepal peaceful.

  2. It’s really nice to know that there’s a new buddha in Nepal. I am a nepalese but was raised in Canada so somepart me wants to believe in that and somepart doesn’t.

  3. this is all fake , there is no new buddha , he is just a kid dosing off and having a lower self esteem problem and not accepted by his own family ,. He is pretending to be the new buddha is just an act to grab attention.

  4. fasting and meditating for months is no joke…and he’s done it for more than 6 months??? if the kid is dosing off and is having a lower self esteem problem and is not accepted by his own family then i dont think he’s gotto wonder around in the hood and start meditatin dude…and trying to get attention??what does a lil boy from village of nepal know bout being famous anyways???
    take a chill pill

  5. mmmm, i have heard of that technique consisting of eating light and nothing else
    in itself it’s not considerate as a siddi but still it is quite impressive
    the boy seems to have been bited by a snake and needs no attention regarding that…what is mostly fishy here is that people can only see him at a distance of 50 meters and that at night a curtain is hiding him from public view…well again mysticism is not for public ,like ignorance can only be defeated by experience and well the boy himself would have told he is not a budha and that he needed 6 years of meditation…the technique of eating light or whatever you eat at that point is common among people that needs to meditate or whatever they do…maybe they just change their heartbeats don’t evolve at all! lol! peace all take care
    buddhism is all about illusion lol hahahaahahaha

  6. Doubting is good; skepticism is healthy. Sacrilege is a sign of lack of mental evolution. To anyone who studies these things, this boy is not a Buddha – not yet anyway. Also, closer study will reveal that there is a wide expanse between a man and a Buddha. Light from the forehead is not the sign of buddhahood. Did not Sakyamuni make all this abundantly clear? May the gods shine brightly through this boy and may that light wipe away such ignorance.

  7. I think that unless you have seen this boy for real it is hard to believe. The moment I walked into the zone of meditation I felt an unexplainable energy, an undescribable feeling of joy and this is why I believe in him. If he were to meditate in the west someone would lock him up and put him on a drip claiming he is mad but no he is just free…
    The reason he can survive without water and food is because he has long left his body, this atmosphere and is in a world of his own. He is feeding himself off the earth, the trees and the nature in general. I think this is a beautiful phenomen and why not believe in it surely it’s better than coca-cola, Mcdonalds and tv.

  8. This kid is just wack. He is just using this as a way for him and his dirt poor family to gain some money so they don’t have to sit there and starve. He is just like that guy in the Waco Incident.

  9. he may not be buddha but what i believe is he must be some incarnation of great follower of Buddha.

  10. I hope this boy can be the real incarnation of the Buhhda, and if it comes true someday, i hope this Buddha can make those babarians calm down.

  11. I belive in incarnations.God has choosen him to protect the world and creatures from doing sin.Meanwhile god is teaching him and soon he will be light.If it is not god power he won’t be able to do meditation without eating and drinking in the forest.This is my heart teels me so i can’t stop myself to give a commens.

  12. Sorry folks, I do not see real Buddha here, this is just some kind of jock which has been planed some time ago to draw public attention. Look, there are some strange thing happing around like; How the public found that Ram Bahadur Bamjon is going for six years meditation and why the boy choose that place for meditation where he could be distracted by noise, movement, etc….. OK, he is not been eating or drinking from last six months but why he has been hidden behind a curtain during the night??? I have seen some video clip on YouTube, most of the time he is looks like sleeping (leaning against the tree) not meditating. Why money has been collecting who ask for it.
    The human body is 61.8 percent water by weight. Protein accounts for 16.6 percent; fat, 14.9 percent; and nitrogen, 3.3 percent of human body weight. If we do not eat or drink how you support this elements. My point is human must eat least amount of food to survive. .
    Beware of night vision camera which can detect body heat during night. World may be watching you to prove fake.
    However, when I hear name of Buddha I feel peace and Nepal and Nepalese needs peace. Good luck!!!!!!!

  13. Hey I don’t know who u are Mr.Flask but let me tell you if you believe in god then u gotta believe in tht boy too.And the other things is wht the science says is if you can reduce ur metabolism capacity then you can of course live long without water and food.Ant the last thing is Mr.Flask you be ready to get ur ass ripped off coz he is not human he is super human arite?

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