If Microsoft designed the i-pod…


As noted in the comment below by Bobby, the video piece that we were linking to seems to have been removed from Youtube. Is this because of bandwidth constraints or did someone at Microsoft or Apple get the hump?

End update:

I’ve long refused to take part in the Apple wank-fest. Yes, yes, I know that Apple do better design and yes, yes, yes that spiffy little click-wheel is a revolutionary interface which seamlessly works with the design of the human body and yes yes yes i-books don’t crash like Dell notebooks do and yeah yeah yeah they look better. But all of that bilge aside I’ve refused to buy an i-pod on the simple grounds that they try to force everyone into using i-tunes and adopting their fascist m4p format. The hell with them: I shall by sticking with my trusty i-river.
Until next month, when I buy an Archos.
Anyhoo, all of this came to mind this morning after I watched a rather amusing little video clip which postulated what would happen if Microsoft were to re-design the i-pod…

If microsoft made the i-pod…

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