Remote controlled sharks and other animal cyborgs


NewScientist reports on some slightly disturbing research into remotely controlling sharks through neural implants in their brains.

The research which is funded by the US military aims to create remote controlled sharks that can be used as spy drones in the oceans. They also hope to have implants in the brain that will allow them to get feedback from the shark such as what it is smelling and even how it is feeling. They intend on using sonar signals to control the shark on distances up to 300km. The implants work by triggering parts of the shark’s brain which cause it to believe it can smell something in the water and turn in that direction.
The article also goes into detail about other research projects being carried out around the world such as one to use remote controlled rats to detect explosives or find people trapped in rubble. Research is also being carried out on using neural implants to keep fish in invisible pens by activating the implant by sonar whenever they try to leave.
So this year remote controlled animals, next year…. us ? We already reported on remote controlled humans (albeit, in a less sinister way) here. The research hasn’t been perfected yet however. The ability to fully remote control a human is still long way off – as George Bush’s recent mountain biking accidents have shown !
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