Godless is gutless


Many expected Tuesday (06.06.06) to see the birth of the anti-christ. Or maybe even the anti-hubbard. Instead it saw the launch of Anne Coulter’s new book ‘Godless: the church of Liberalism’. Thankfully though, a proper journalist, in the form of Greg Palast, is on hand to help us interpret this latest missal from the dark side…

‘Godless’ is a 300-page brick of solid meanness and pin-head hatreds packaged like a fashion magazine: Big Brother wears Prada. You accuse those who don’t sign on to your list of prejudices as the Lord’s enemies. That’s not original, Anne: the Taliban thought of it before you and they too were partial to dressing in black.

Palast’s new book, ‘Armed madhouse’, promises to be a soothing anti-dote to the xenophobia, racism, homophobia and bare-faced lies of Coulter.
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Damien DeBarra was born in the late 20th century and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. He now lives in London, England where he shares a house with four laptops, three bikes and a large collection of chairs.


  1. Wait, there was one very auspicious product of 06.06.06 that should not be overlooked, or overlooked at your soul’s peril: CKUT.ca broadcast both sets by the Sun Ra Arkestra from the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival in Montreal and they have put the whole thing up on their archives pages in glorious stereo 128kbps MP3 for the rest of the week (after that, you only get 64k mono) — just download the hours from 22:00 to 24:59 (sic) or pick and choose the hours from the program listings archives.

  2. Hello Blatherites:
    Dave kicked me off the other thread — actually shut down the thread when my arguments became too strong. He kind of got twisted up in his own illogic.
    I recommend you go to the “Westboro Baptist . . .” thread and read a few exchanges, just to see how dissenting views are handled on Blather. “Repressing” the opposition: a classic totalitarian tactic! “Re-education Camps” coming soon? The Jihad can use a man like Dave!
    I’m ready to defend Ann Coulter on this thread, not that she needs it or cares one whit what you think of her. But before I do, remember: the Commissariat for Truth and Information may enforce its censorship rights.
    Kind of makes you long for a First Amendment doesn’t it? Do you think there could be JUST ONE thread not subjected to political correctness and intolerance?
    Richie Rich

  3. richie,
    you’re welcome to post to blather as much as you like – with a certain caveat attached. if you continue to make personally insulting comments to individual people you will be banned.
    if you wish to have a proper discussion on these issues (one that is not comprised of flamebaiting, xenophobia and wilfull ignorance) you are free to register for the blather forums where you can post away to your heart’s content and where others can join you in debate.
    take personal potshots at people and that’s it.

  4. Richie, your arguments are as weak as a bag of piss. Dissenting views indeed… go and get yourself a life!

  5. Gosh, Damien. . . does that mean “your arguments are as weak as a bag of piss” and “get a life” “mad as a bag of meerkats” or “paranoid” is acceptable?
    If so, what is UNacceptable? Are there guidelines? Or is there a “Dave rule” at work here?
    Well, gotta go work on my third million . . . you be sure and stay in touch, now.

  6. By jove, I do believe he’s got it!
    Yes, there IS a Dave rule. Blather.net is not a democracy you know. We don’t even have an electoral college!
    I quote from the 1930s version of Blather:
    ‘Blather is here. As we advance to make our bow, you will look in vain for signs of servility or of any evidence of a desire to please. We are an arrogant and depraved body of (wo)men. We are as proud as bantams and as vain as peacocks.
    ‘”Blather doesn’t care.” A sardonic laugh escapes us as we bow, cruel and cynical hounds that we are. It is a terrible laugh, the laugh of lost men. Do you get the smell of porter?
    ‘Blather is not to be confused with Ireland’s National Newspaper, still less with Ireland’s Greatest Newspaper. Blather is not an organ of Independent opinion, nor is Ireland more to us than a Republic, Kingdom or Commonwealth. Blather is a publication of the Gutter, the King Rat of the Irish Press, the paper that will achieve entirely new levels in everything that is contemptible, despicable, and unspeakable in contemporary journalism… In regard to politics, all our rat-like cunning will be directed towards making Ireland fit for the depraved readers of Blather to live in…’

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