Monbiot on depleted fish stocks


The scandalous destruction of natural fish-stocks has been a subject close to our hearts here at for some time now. Such is the magnitude of the problem that many common species (such as cod and salmon) are now making an unwelcome appearance on endangered species lists. Dave has been reporting on this issue regularly (both in his capacity as a Greenpeace employee and blather reporter) and we’ve been providing frequent updates and links to resources. Today, however, we’d suggest that you take a quick look at a thought-provoking piece by Guardian journalist George Monbiot on the new crisis emerging due to the growth in the market for Omega-3 fish oils.

‘…at first sight the government’s investigation into the idea of giving fish oil capsules to schoolchildren seems sensible. The food standards agency is conducting a review of the effects of omega-3s on childrens’ behaviour and performance in school. Alan Johnson, the secretary of state for education, is taking an interest(13). Given the accumulating weight of evidence, it would surprising if he does not decide to go ahead. Already, companies such as St Ivel and Marks and Spencer are selling foods laced with omega-3s.
There is only one problem: there are not enough fish.’


Not enough fish in the sea, by George Monbiot’s Dave Walsh on depleted fish-stocks
Ocean defenders blog, from Greenpeace

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