UFO spotted over carnival in Grantham


grantham_ufo.jpgTypical. No sooner have I posted a piece touching on the lamentable lack of UFO action around these days, than one turns up.

‘Amateur photographer Ray Gilbert reckons he caught more than one flying object on camera when a Dakota aeroplane completed a flypast over Grantham Carnival on Saturday.

“When I saw it a chill went down my back and everyone I’ve told says I should inform the Ministry of Defence. I know it’s a UFO and I’m wondering if anyone else saw the same thing.”‘

From the Grantham News

Damien DeBarra was born in the late 20th century and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. He now lives in London, England where he shares a house with four laptops, three bikes and a large collection of chairs.


  1. I’ve not seen a Douglas Dakota for over 40 years I don’t think they make them any more.
    It is therefore a fake.
    I wonder what makes you think they look like that. Stealth.

  2. UFO sightings must be getting very slim if a man finding a black dot on a photo is a major story ! Gone are the days when people saw the UFO’s and ghosts with their own eyes…

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