What a James Bond movie should sound like

I’ve been moaning for several years now about just how poorly the last few Bond movies have been scored. David Arnold has taken over the music duties and whilst he makes at least something approaching a decent fist of writing for a Bond movie, I still find myself hankering for a John Barry score.
Before that Eric Serra made an unholy mess of Goldeneye (Brosnan’s first attempt in the tux) with a score that sounded like it belonged in a 70’s porn flick. I distinctly recall sitting in the cinema and cursing Serra to the depths of hell and wishing to anything that would listen that the Guvnor would come back.
However, now, thanks to the joys of the web, I finally get my wish. This is the opening sequence of Goldeneye – re-cut to an older John Barry score. And it rocks.

(Part 2)
Re-cut by doubleohagent. Here’s hoping we get a Casino Royale with John Barry mash-up next…
There’s Treasure Everywhere (a lost John Barry)
+The Guvnor+
John Barry

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