Victory! Irish Government Bans the Bulb

I got the following message in Facebook from the Demand an Irish Lightbulb Law group:
Victory! Irish Government Bans the Bulb.
(Dublin 6th Dec) Irish Environment Minister, John Gormley today announced he will develop a national energy efficiency standard for lightbulbs, which will see an end to the use of incandescent bulbs by January 2009.
Mr Gormley said the changes would result in emissions savings of up to 700,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year from residential lighting alone. He estimated it would also save consumers about €185 million per year in electricity costs.
Thank you to everyone that emailed, signed petitions, spread the word. Well done

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  1. I’m not being critical, just curious: has anyone factored in the cost of disposing of all those additional flourescent-bulb and LED-driver transformer packs that sit at the base of all those energy-efficient alternative systems? Seems just a little more complicated than the old scheme of tossing the busted bit of glass, tungsten, aluminum and copper into the recycle.

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