Blather derails Lisbon Treaty. Continues drinking.

Whoops, looks like this morning blog posting shot onto the front page of Google News Searches on the Lisbon Treaty!
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The first text message to appear on my phone on Friday morning was from a friend of mine, Duncan. It read "I am reading your book ostentatiously on the bus giggling." The second was from Damien. It simply read "destroyed". All over Dublin, survivors of the First Blather Book Launch were dragging themselves out of bed. Others were only just making it to bed. One brave soul had partied all night, and then had to a performance review at her job at 11am. Bless their stamina.

The official launch of "A Load of Blather" kicked off at Dublin’s Dice Bar at 1800. There wasn’t many there at the time. Sue and I felt overdressed and pretentious. She ate pasta salad. I paced. The barman and one customer were watching Germany vs. Croatia on the TV. Outside, the traffic snorted on Queen St. and confused subjects of democracy stumbled home from Lisbon Treaty polling booths, wild-eyed and incoherent, shouting "Ireland says no!". I was just nervous. Would anyone show up?
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Chief Bottle Washer at Blather
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