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Would you rob my grave as quick?
Posted by ender at 4:36 PM on March 11, 2011
o.jpg The long held and longer respected Irish nocturnal tradition of body snatching is alive and well in the 21st century, it seems. Sort of. Kinda. We're not exactly sure if it officially counts though, if you leave the body back. Kinda. Sort of. Reports reaching Blather HQ today indicate a corpse has been mysteriously (and illegally) exhumed and reburied in a separate grave under cover of darkness in Co. Limerick in recent times. Limerick (Old Irish: Liabh mé de féic alóne; take mó bhállet) is no stranger to nefarious after-hours activity, but even by its own standards, this counts as a strange one. No exhumation order was sought, nor were official graveyard authorities present at the 'removal'. It all just kind of happened by itself. At night. In the dark. With nobody watching. According to Irish law, a priest, a guard (Police officer) and an environmental officer must be present at any exhumation. I wonder which one of them does the digging? Read More Image from Flickr Commons, used under a CC Licence
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Waking the Dead: The Mummies of Saint Michan's Church, Dublin
Posted by daev at 11:21 AM on August 25, 2007
Blather: St. Michan's ChurchOnce again the Blather team lead their readers into a dark corner to show them disturbing things. This time, Dave descends below Dublin's oldest church, St. Michan's, to see the famous "mummies" - ancient cadavers that have dried out rather than rotted, and to pull the Crusader's finger. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust - you've been warned, potentially unsavoury photographs to follow...
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Waking the Dead: Charles Fort's Grave - Albany, New York
Posted by daev at 12:35 AM on May 10, 2007
Charles Fort Grave, Albany Rural Cemetery forteana fortean strange phenomena paranormal You just can't keep us out of graveyards here on This season sees us dashing around the New World, inquiring into the whereabouts of the corpse of that irascible iconoclast, Charles Hoy Fort, father of fortean studies and teleportation. It's 11am on the 29th day of April and I'm surrounded by dead people. I can't see any of them. The year, 2007, Gregorian, 5767 Hebrew, 1428 Islamic, 1386 Persian. In the Julian calendar it's 13 days earlier... sort of. In any case, it's heading for midday, Eastern Standard Time, if you believe in that kind of thing.
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Waking the Dead: Burke and Hare
Posted by damien at 8:49 AM on January 29, 2007
wtd_10.jpg178 years ago today, an Irishman named William Burke was executed in Edinburgh, Scotland. You may never have heard of him, but at the time of his death he was infamous: 'This day, Wednesday 28th Jan, 1829, William Burke underwent the last sentence of the law, for the murder of Mrs Docherty, one of the victims of the West Port Tragedies. At an early hour, the spacious street where the scaffold was erected, was crowded to excess ; and all the windows which could command a view, were previously bespoken, and high prices given for them.'
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Waking the Dead: Necrophiliacs arrested in Mississippi
Posted by damien at 11:29 AM on September 8, 2006
wtd_09.jpgReading like the plot of a low-budget horror movie, the press was awash with the ghoulish story of the twins Nicholas and Alexander Grunke today, who were arrested after illegally excavating the corpse of Laura Tennesen: for the express purpose of sexually violating her remains.
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Waking the Dead: Bitton Train Graveyard
Posted by damien at 12:43 PM on September 5, 2006
wtd_08.jpg Bitton Train Graveyard can be found just outside Bristol city. The rusted remains found there are a fragmentary glimpse of another age, a lost time, when the singular vision of a man called Isambard Kingdom Brunel re-shaped the very landscape and cities of England.

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Waking the Dead: the Return of the Funeral Pyre
Posted by damien at 10:06 AM on July 14, 2006
sausage_yellow.jpgAlthough illegal since the 1930s a giant, beautiful funeral pyre for a British Sikh man was built and burnt this week, bringing an ancient and almost forgotten burial rite back to a country that once, like much of the rest of Europe, burnt its dead.
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Waking the Dead: Standing on the bones of Irish giants
Posted by damien at 9:05 PM on February 9, 2006
wtd_07.jpg Seven foot six and eight foot four. One coffin, two coffins, three. Concrete slippers, the smell of kippers and a funeral at sea. Ladies and Gentlemen, and the stupendous Mr. Panting present the amazing, the fantastic, the spectacular tale of the Irish giants, Messrs. Charles O'Brien and Patrick Cotter.
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Waking the Dead: the Crossbones Graveyard
Posted by damien at 1:27 PM on January 4, 2006
CrossbonesIn our continuing exploration of the world of the Dead, went in search of the Southwark Mysteries - the untold history of London. So, on a cold and gloomy 23rd of December 2005 we met with 'John Crow': a local poet and mystic who talks to the outcast dead...
More >>
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Waking the Dead: the Battle of Glasnevin Graveyard
Posted by damien at 9:39 AM on November 1, 2005
yaaaaaaargh!Take one angry mob (half-naked), a dead body (two days old), a gang of grave robbers, trigger-happy watchmen (possibly drunk), the cops (also possibly drunk), an arsenal of assorted weaponry, stir violently and serve in a freezing cold graveyard.
More >>
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Waking the Dead: Highgate Cemetery, London
Posted by daev at 5:06 PM on October 6, 2005
yaaaaaaargh! The latest in the ongoing seasonal, pre-Samhain Halloween Necroblog. Last weekend, a crack Blather team descended upon the sprawling Necropolis of London's Highgate Cemetery. No Vampires were injured in the process...
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Waking the Dead: The Surgeons' Warning
Posted by damien at 4:20 PM on October 5, 2005
yaaaaaaargh!The Resurection Men have long been the subject of literary flights of fancy, most of their depictions being simple stage nonsense. But one piece of literature stands out above all others: The Surgeons' Warning by Robert Southey...
More >>
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Waking the Dead: how to steal a dead body
Posted by damien at 1:28 PM on September 28, 2005
yaaaaaaargh!Premature burial. Body-snatching. The Resurrection men and the Sack-'em-ups. Jack O' Lanterns and Willo the Wisps. As bizarre as these terms may sound to us now, there was a time when such phantoms haunted the nightmares of all men...
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