Blather on TV Again: The Search for the Serpent (Seljord, Norway)

Me? The 23th Duke of Blather? Here? On RTE Network 2? At 8pm on a Monday Evening?
[slight pause]
What were they thinking of?

Just when I thought it was safe to re-introduce myself to polite society, Ireland’s national broadcaster, RTE, last night saw fit to show The Search for the Serpent, a Discovery Channel documentary that I appeared in back in. Filmed in 1998, it details the search for an alleged lake monster in Lake Seljord, Norway, and shows the tension and subsequent fallout from the doomed expedition. It’s a hoot.
Around 8ish, I got a txt msg from my brother… RTE Network 2 were showing the The Search for the Serpent. Within minutes, I was getting further SMS messages saying things like ‘Oi! I pay my TV Licence! So why are you on TV?’ from mild-mannered folk who had no idea of my dark past…
Based on the footage, I seem to spend a fair amount of time eating, reading, and passing wry comments. In truth, I was mostly drinking expensive cocktails in the local Hotel, saving colleagues from runway fire engines, intervening between moonshine-soaked gay colleagues and pugnacious local blond men, and discussing the Apocalypse Now parallels with the film director, Neil Rawles.
I was, of course, also sitting on my arse in a boat in one of the most devastatingly beautiful places on earth.
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