Strange Attractor Journal One

Friends of Blather: March 2004 sees the release of Strange Attractor Journal One, the first in an irregular series of anthologies collecting histories, art and ideas from the margins of our culture…

The Journal has evolved from a series of ongoing live events, held in London, England. Conceived in 2001 by documentary filmmaker John Lundberg and Journal editor Mark Pilkington, these “information happenings” combined lectures, films, performances and demonstrations and touched on topics as diverse as intentional communities, sacred geography, hoaxing and the Theremin. Strange Attractor created a space where speakers like Iain Sinclair and Jon Ronson rubbed shoulders with time machine builders, occultists and members of the London Esperanto Society.
Continuing in this vein, Strange Attractor Journal One features 18 contributions from anthropologists, historians, musicians, artists, bibliophiles, occultists, cultural critics and a ventriloquist. Topics covered include the cargo cults of Vanuatu, a 19th century Italian artists’ and anarchists’ commune, the British Society for the Study of Sex Psychology, audio hallucinations, neglected authors David Lindsay, Elliot O’Donnell and Count Stenbock, the true meaning of Alice in Wonderland, hair sculptures, a psychogeomantic tour of Glasgow and much more besides.
Independently published, Strange Attractor Journal intends to provide an arena for histories, biographies, passions, obsessions and creations that would otherwise be marginalised or ignored by the wider culture. Strange Attractor celebrates unpopular culture. We declare war or mediocrity and a pox on the foot soldiers of stupidity.
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Presented in an A5 book format with 272 pages, Strange Attractor Journal One will be available in selected bookshops, priced £12; or by mail order from, for UK£10 plusUK£2 P&P. The first 200 orders will receive a special limited edition copy, with a different cover and a set of postcards.
To obtain a review copy of Strange Attractor Journal One, please email Mark Pilkington.
Sample layouts are also available on our web site.
UPDATE 5th March
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