15M – the re-taking of Spain

Spain is smiling…

Black Ribbon for Madrid I have been out all last night. I’m dying. I’ve been drinking, laughing, listening to music, cheering in streets. What was most remarkable about all of this is that only three days after the worst European terrorist atrocity in almost twenty years, the streets were full with people celebrating too. I was with Spanish, Irish, Scottish, American and French people. Car horns were blaring. People sang out of windows.
Well, a large part of why a quiet Sunday night drink became something else is because the PSOE, the left wing socialist party, have stunned everyone and won the Spanish General election, ending eight years of conservative domination.
A country which was openly weeping two days ago, tonight looked like a country standing, stunned with a drink its hand, having been told that the previously unimaginable has transpired. The unthinkable has become thinkable. If Spain can get rid of the President that commited the country to a war which the vast majority did not want, then so can any other country.
It frightens me that it took an atrocity of the scale of 11M to prompt a higher voter turnout; but it has done. In a sick twist, the darkest act of terrorism has brought a Pro-war, Pro-Bush government to its knees and expelled them for four years. Ironic? Yes. Something to smile about? Maybe…
But I think Spain deserves a smile.
Rather than turning on itself, the population of Spain was allowed a unique opportunity to pass a rapid judgement on its politicians. Kneejerk? Most definitely, but bear in mind that this was the country which was 95% anti-war, to the point where women sat in the streets banging dustbinlids in protest, months after the war had started. But tonight, according to the words of a Spanish friend, they have taken Spain back.
Tonight has been a great night. I feel better tonight than at any time for the last few days. Viva Espana.
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Damien DeBarra was born in the late 20th century and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. He now lives in London, England where he shares a house with four laptops, three bikes and a large collection of chairs.


  1. Well done indeed to the Spaniards; it’s one in the eye for the neo-cons.
    You do realise, of course, that an act of terrorism has had the effect of changing the government, and the new one is now promising to pull their troops out of Iraq, cut ties with the US and the UK, and rebuild their relationship with “Old Europe”. In short, everything an Islamic fundamentalist terrorist could have asked for.
    Spain will be fine, but from now on I wouldn’t like to be in any other member country of the “Coalition of the Willing” where there’s an election coming up…

  2. yes, watch leftist Spain become a refuge for terrorists, refugees , and the scum known as liberals.

  3. yes, watch leftist Spain become a refuge for terrorists, refugees , and the scum known as liberals.

  4. And heavens to murgatroid John, those damn lefty liberals might even be COMMUNISTS. Check under your bed now.
    Tell me this – what’s wrong with being a refuge for refugees?

  5. Bullies always push around to find the ones who will give up their lunch money the quickest. Spain has provided a great precidence for terrorists all over the world. I would not like to be in Spain if the government doesn’t give in to terrorists again – say some seperatist group that relies on violence. They don’t have any of those, do they?

  6. we,the citizens, in this country of Oz, were at least 60% against the war & everything else our “great leader”(sic) has foisted on us by making us part of the ‘coalition of the willing’.
    Politicians cannot be trusted to do the will of the people which is precisely what they are supposed to be elected to do. et’s just hope that by the time Xmas rolls around, Bush & Howard will be gone. But…will that stop the terrorists?
    Remember, one mans’ terrorist is another mans’ freedom fighter… I think if jesus was to return to earth now (highly unlikely, but, boy, wouldn’t that put the cat amongst the pigeons!), he’d be mightily pissed off at the atrocities being committed in his name by supposedly peace loving folk.

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