The Haunting (part 2)

Blather correspondent Lyra updates us on more weird stuff in her house

The house has been quiet the last two weeks, so I thought that the ghostly activity was at and end. It seems to stop whenever I write about it.
But then it starts again…
I was coming home late one night – September 29th. As I reached the door, I was fumbling for my key. There is a window beside the door, through which you can see the hallway. As I peered through it, I could see a figure sitting by the phone. I took to be Sorcha, with my dog standing by her knee. I had already tried the door to see if it was locked and as I knew she would have heard, I was wondering why she didn’t open it for me (the weather was a nasty that night). When I finally opened the door, I found the hallway was empty, with everyone gone to their beds.
A little perplexed, I too went to bed. But that wasn’t all. I have an alarm clock that lights up when you wave your hand close beside it. As I lay awake in the dark, some distance from the clock, I saw the light come on…
When I mentioned these events to my flatmates, Ruth (the sturdy minded psychologist) confessed that over the last few nights, she too has begun to have strange experiences, and she wasn’t very happy about it…
She had left the house on an brief errand. When she returned she found that ‘a tap in the upstairs bathroom sink was turned on full blast’. She is certain that she didn’t leave it on, as it ‘was so loud’.
Another evening, while lying in bed, she had seen a ‘black tree-like shape that appeared to grow out of her wardrobe’. This was no dream, she stressed. These occurrences left her feeling disturbed. She was left feeling disturbed by these occurrences.
These events all took place during the week of September 25th to 2nd October.
On the 5th of October Ruth reported hearing loud bangs coming from my bedroom. This had happened on two occasions while she was alone in the house. Of course it would have to be my bedroom… but I’m used to the traffic through there by now.
One one particular night, I went to bed feeling relaxed. At some time during the night I awoke to sounds, and was set upon by what I can only describe as ‘an entity’, in the form of a middle aged man. He actually seemed to pull me out of my body. I fought against him, trying to visualize my energy pushing him away. I don’t know what this was, it was very aggressive and perhaps it was a very real dream. I have had experiences like this in the past, before this apparent haunting began.
The following day I mentioned this to Sorcha and she told me she had heard loud thumps from my room during the night. She had actually thought it was because my boyfriend was staying over (and yes, she thought they were those kind of bumps)
At things progress, I feel I should take the matter more seriously. I will undertake to do some clearings myself to try and rectify situation.
– Lyra

Damien DeBarra was born in the late 20th century and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. He now lives in London, England where he shares a house with four laptops, three bikes and a large collection of chairs.


  1. I rented a house built over a Nun’s Graveyard and not the slightest hint of a haunting or possession by evil spirits. I still feel a bit hard done by.

  2. Man this kind of stuff dosen’t happen where I live, in the crappy US. Yet another reason why it sucks to live here.

  3. These spam blogs are very annoying. Anyways this sounds like disturbing stuff. Have you taken any steps to get rid of whatever you think is around. I think I could never stay in the house again if some presence tried to pull me out of my body!

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