This Way Up: Dublin Freebie Comic

This Way up
Rather nice new Dublin collaborative project… let’s go postal…

Was prowling around Anthology Books earlier. Stumbled across a free, beautifully produced comic, produced by a bunch of Dublin artists. Called This Way Up, it’s a weird and wonderful account of the adventures of a bunch of Dublin characters, centred around one guy called Jimmy, a young postman. The thing is, every page of the comic is created by a different comic artist, lending a weird, dreamlike feel to the story.
My favourite page involves Jimmy being accosted by a hairy regular from Grogan’s pub (Blather’s city centre HQ). Micky pursues Jimmy around the William St. area, uttering mad rubbish. Two ‘oul wans’ pass by Grogan’s:
‘Wasn’t Nellie Grogan the great woman?’
‘Ach aye, she was, she was’
Happily, the comic is also online. I’m not sure that the web does the comic real justice, but it’s definitely worth a look.
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– Dave

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  1. No web rendering does a comic justice. You need the feel of the paper, the smell of the ink, put your back up against a tree and let the sunlight dapple it.
    I’ll happily read them on line as I read newspapers. But the difference in the real world experience vs the online experience is summed up by the fact that nobody ever said “You don’t read, you step into it like a warm bath.”

  2. Plus, I think people are less inclined to curl up and become immersed in a webpage. There just isn’t the same page-turning tension online. Oh well…

  3. What happened? It seems to have disappeared? Why? In a crap Dublin where chavs and the like rule the corporate chains and force-feed more conformism onto the nation, where is this way up? It can’t be gone. NOOOOO! FUCK EIRE and ITS ChavScum (ehem

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