The 3rd World war: this time it’s ‘cos we can’t spell

It’s the end of the world. No seriously, it is.

From here on in, we will be positively reveling in the gobsmacking misery of the news and in true tortured leftie pretentiousness will be recording each new catastrophic fuck up in the laughably titled ‘War on Terror’ as it edges us closer and ever closer to our post-nuclear, dystopian, corporate controlled, hellish wasteland of a future.
And another fucking thing: if you’re gonna be so fucking stupid as to declare a war on a noun, then pick the right fucking one. It’s called Terrorism. That’s terrorISM. D’ya see? With an ISM on the end you dyslexic fucks.
I mean what were you going to do? Round up all the scary movie directors as potential mass murderers? Should Wes Craven be expecting to have his door kicked in and have his sorry hack ass dragged off to Guantanamo fucking bay?
I don’t know what frightens me more: the fact that we could be on the verge of a 3rd world war, or that the War on Terror is being prosecuted by in-bred fuckwits who don’t possess the grammar abilities of the average eight year old and, furthermore, that the rest of the world doesn’t seem to have noticed.
Anyhoo, the 3rd World War got just a blood vessel closer today with the all-time bonehead play from General Butcherfuck McMeathead Sharon, when he decided to take out an old man in a wheelchair with three, that’s right, three helicopters. I don’t care if he was the fucking Terminator. He was in a wheelchair. A guy on a fucking tricycle could have arrested him. What possible response do you expect from such an act?
The clock is at….

Damien DeBarra was born in the late 20th century and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. He now lives in London, England where he shares a house with four laptops, three bikes and a large collection of chairs.


  1. Bush and Sharon should be tried for crimes against humanity but don’t forget the psychotic
    Fundamentalist Muslims. The peace marchers never seem to include them in their Imperialistic War Protest placards.Why is that? The last time I checked they were a big part of this idiotic dance of destruction. ???

  2. Despite being a supposed illiterate imperialist due to my geographic location and the peculiarities of my regional accent, I at least understand US marketing enough to recognize this as the mumblings of the ignorant. The absolutely complex, yet simple brain of the average human is scared and confused by –ism words. “War on Terror” would have made a perfectly fine science fiction movie title prior to our latest marketing campaign, but “War on Terrorism” would have made the movie house a good place for secret agents to meet and talk openly. Oh sure – it’s easy to expect that a guy who talks slow and mispronounces “nuclear” is an idiot. That is, until the smart bombs start nipping at your heels. We have a long history in Texas in convincing our opponents that we are slow and simple so we can sneak up and remove their testicles. Why else would we have a higher standard of living than New York and California, less unemployment, and one of the lowest tax rates in the data-world. The first time someone underestimated a Texan, Santa Ana was exiled from Mexico in shame. The last time, the guy had to hide in a box tormented by the thousands of souls he sent to Allah early. Please note that we easily recognize the slow among us as those who rely on the word F*** as a means of being cleaver. It may be different in Ireland, maybe.

  3. Quote 1:”Despite being a supposed illiterate imperialist..”
    Quote 2: “…those who rely on the word F*** as a means of being cleaver…”
    I rest my case.

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