Irish Gov. Minister wants to ban incense in churches

It’s got to be a hoax… surely? Or Just Silly Season

Someone’s got to be taking the piss. According to James Helm on the BBC News site, Irish minister Jim McDaid (not McDade as it’s spelled by the BBC) has condemned the use of incense in churches, as it may be harmful to altar boys and girls. No mention of the danger posed by priests to boys and girls.
McDaid, a junior minister, is apparently a medical doctor who knows about these things. And the silly season is nothing to do with it, surely.
The Irish Government banning smoking in any workplace – pubs included – from next January. Personally, I can do without smoke in a pub (being an avid non-smoker), but the government are handling it all wrong…
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McDaid incensed by Holy Smoke risk to altar boys (Irish Independent)
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  1. As an Avid non smoker myself I say why not smoking is smoking (ironic is’nt it) for all the people who want to ban smoking I say you can’t have it all your own way and I’m sure the smopke from Incense is just as bed as smoke from cigarettes so why should Alter boys and Girls as well as the congratation have to put up with ths deploable attitude of the church(whats good for the goose is good for the gander)
    By the way I am a non smoker but I’m atolerant person which I think a lot of other non smokers forget about.
    As Ernst Rohm the laeder of the SA said in 1934 if they dont agree with us they must be deviant!

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