The adventures of Jasper the time travelling cat (Volume 1. Episode 8)

Volume 1. Episode 8. Hope. We had almost given up hope…

Jasper yesterday...Indeed, so deep was our despair at Blather Paranormal Investigations Inc., that we had actually held a short memorial service less than a week ago. For it had been long, too long, since we had heard any whisper of that intrepid traveller – Jasper the Time Travelling cat.
But hark. There I am, disconsolately sucking on Mr. Mojo Doohickey pipe weed and occasionally giving an involunatary shudder of grief which could only be cured by imbibement of copious mouthfuls of absinthe, when there came a crackle…
From the wireless, we began to recieve a stream of data. At first it seemed like nonsense – backround noise or a crossed mobile phone signal. Then we heard the miaow. That magnificent miaow.
Setting quickly to work, we managed to locate his signal. And suddenly all was clear. The reason for Jasper’s complete lack of recent contact was due to not to his demise, as we had assumed, but rather due to the fact that he was so far out of range. To come to the point: Jasper is on Mars. When he is, is an entirely seperate and more troublesome question. We’ll figure that out this week. We suspect that the reason the signal has come through is due to the current proximity of Mars and Earth.
So, what can we find out about Mars? Well, quite a bit actually. Jasper has informed us (through the translator, naturally) of several large pyramid like structures and an anomalous shape which looks suspiciously like a face from a certain angle. Whose face, he did not specify…
This link here brings you to Graham Hancock’s website where information can be found on his theories about these anomalous shapes.
For a slightly more prosaic (but no less fascinating) look at Mars, this link brings you over to the boys at the Beeb who are having a regular Mars-fest at the moment.

Damien DeBarra was born in the late 20th century and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. He now lives in London, England where he shares a house with four laptops, three bikes and a large collection of chairs.