UFO Crash in Kerry?

Jesus Christ, there’s a lot of mad news on the go at the ‘mo.

First it was lake monsters, now it’s UFOs. Kerry is lapping up the weirdness this summer.
According to an article in The Irish Independent, the Irish coastguard has called off a search for a crashed aircraft. There were eyewitnesses to the apparent crash, but no planes have been report missing.
A search and rescue operation was launched yesterday evening (August 25th) at around 18:30, after a man reported seeing ‘ an aircraft swooping low
out of the sun with smoke and flames trailing from it’ in the sky near between Lispole and Dingle.
Search operation finds no trace of ‘crashed aircraft’ (Irish Examiner)
Rescue services in Co Kerry have called off their search for a light aircraft which was apparently seen crashing into mountains near Dingle last night.
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Search called off in Co Kerry (RTE Interactive)
Rescue services in Co Kerry have called off their search for a light aircraft.
They began a search this evening on the Dingle Peninsula after receiving unconfirmed reports that a plane may have crashed in the area.

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Update August 27th 2003:
Gardaí appeal for pilot of plane in crash scare to come forward
GARDAI have called on the pilot of a mystery aircraft, which sparked off a major search operation in west Kerry after reports that it had crashed on Monday evening, to come forward.
Dingle-based Sgt Mossie O?Donnell yesterday said there was a plane around the Lispole area at the time the alarm was raised and it was seen heading in a southerly direction towards Glenbeigh, Co Kerry.

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