The Miserable Failure Bandwagon

How to keep George Bush as the number 1 failure… a slight case of googlebombing!

Ok, it’s going around the net, so I might as well add my €0.10. If you do a search on google for ‘miserable failure‘, the number one hit is for George Bush’s biography.
As it would be nice to keep this at the number one spot, here’s our token link:Miserable Failure. Please click!
This post has managed to get me into an unprecedented amount of hassle with the Google Uberlords. See why »
The Urban Legends Reference Pages at has a page about the whole Miserable Failure thing, check it out »

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  1. I clicked on the miserable failure link and…hahahahahaha does anybody actually believe
    that shit(I would hope not but then again…)?

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