Treadwells’ Bookstore

Let’s face it: xmas shopping is as dull as fuck. So, it’s a rarity that you stumble across a shop that has stuff you like and friendly people staffing it. Like we did the other day. Allow us to introduce you to Treadwells’ Bookstore: a fortean haven.

This saturday past, Blather went xmas shopping. Not that we normally do this sort of thing as a group activity, you understand. It’s just that two of us are in the same city for once and we figured a quick trip round some of the more interesting bookstores of London might actually produce some xmas presents above the standard garbage that we hand out every December.
Where’s the Fruit and Veg?
First stop Forbidden Planet. Now, I’m sorry, but the current owners and managers of Forbidden Planet can go and fuck themselves from a height. I distinctly recall when Forbidden Planet was a comic and book store. As in a store that sold comics and books. Not a fucking toy store selling every kind of sweat-shop manufactured Obi-Wan Kenobi related tat that you could ever imagine. Wallace and Gromit clocks. Homer Simpson cookie jars. Family Guy aprons and on and on and on. Trying to find the books in Forbidden Planet has become akin to trying to find the Fruit and Veg section in a modern supermarket. Pointless.
Tavistock Street
So, thankfully, about two hours later we made our way to what must be one of the last great bookstores on our planet: Treadwells‘ in Tavistock Street, London. Specialising in Fortean subjects, organising workshops, talks, promoting events and plays, facilitating groups who need creative spaces, Treadwells is one of the last true artistic centres in London providing a friendly place for folks with a Fortean slant. And they know their books very, very well. Make sure to have a good wander around their site – there’s a lot there.
We can’t recommend this place enough.
Treadwells bookstore
Photos by daev

Damien DeBarra was born in the late 20th century and grew up in Dublin, Ireland. He now lives in London, England where he shares a house with four laptops, three bikes and a large collection of chairs.


  1. not being in London I cannae check out Treadwells. however i’ll agree with you about the shitness of Forbidden Planet. Only books in the Dublin branch these days are Harry Potters and leftover Star Trek books.
    I’m now forced to hang around SubCity in order to terrorise the young boys.

  2. i seem to recall being there as well mr barley! i’ll be having none of your stalinesque delusions rewriting my existence…

  3. Hey, thanks for the mention! It was great to meet The Boys From Blather. We are indeed the place to buy dragon’s blood, Sue! We try to be the kind of bookshop a person dreams of — cosy, unusual, full of odd books, and with a friendly staff who know their stock. If in some small way we have succeeded, gosh! Thanks! If anyone ever wants to let us know before they visit for the first time, you can just drop us an email in advance — we’ll be glad to make you welcome, show you around, and give you a cuppa tea.

  4. Homer simpson Clocks, Family Guy aprons….The planet needs to be wiped clean of these objects

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