(image by yersinia, used under a Creative Commons license) The Blather guide to being a real man. Oh yes. 1. Open a bra with one hand. 2. Resolve Schroedinger's equation for a Cobalt electron in an elevated energetic state. 3. Kill a live animal, skin it, cook it and eat it without salt. 4. Calm a wild angry grizzly bear by staring it into submission. 5. Find the clitoris. 6. Defuse a nuclear weapon in seven seconds. 7. Rescue a group of hostages from a burning building filled with East German terrorists, using nothing more than a half-empty machine gun,...


cross the road? Inspired by this thread on p45 Why did the chicken cross the road? (all written by Dave Walsh, 'cept the birdbath one, which was written by birdbath) Flann O'Brien: Sure didn't he cross because he wanted to avail of the great novelty that was the atomic theory, which was at work everywhere in the parish. By the time, begob, that he had reached the other side, that very chicken was already 10% road. And 5% bicycle. More Flann >> Hunter S. Thompson To get away from those fucking bats. Out there, on the edge of the desert,...


No more semi-loitering for tourists A group of traders in the Grafton St./Nassau St. area of Dublin have called for a minimum speed to be introduced. The group estimates that more than €100 million is being lost annually due to 'slow walking'. 'It get especially bad in June', said a spokesman, owner of a business on Nassau St. ' People can't out to buy lunch, or to meetings. Once the tourists arrive, no one can get up or down the street, it all grinds to a halt. These people may walk like this in their own country, but they should...


Belgium doesn't exist, apparently. "BELGIUM DOESN'T EXIST!" or "Land of Sprouts and Chocolate, I Think Not." (or "België bestaat helemaal niet" for our imaginary friends) More>> "The existence of the supposed European country of Belgium has been taken as gospel for years by members of the Liberati. It has long been held up as a shining example of Liberal philosophies in action. However, now is the time the truth be known. Belgium doesn't exist."


Cork seer, astronaut and soldier Michael Collins performed his extraordinary powers of levitation for a waving and cheering populace outside the General Post Office on O'Connell St, then known as Sackville St.


Photographs from the Hellfire Club, West Wycombe These photographs are quite old - for newer, better photographs, check out my photographs (2006) of the English Hellfire Club - Medmenham Abbey and the tunnels at West Wycombe Back to article... All photographs © Dave Walsh, and are available to purchase in high resolution format. For more details, contact us » Map of the West Wycombe Caves Entrance Tool Store Whitehead's Cave Lord Sandwich Circle Franklins Cave Children's Cave Banqueting Hall Triangle Miner's Cave River Styx Inner Temple ('XXII' refers to a marking on the wall, mentioned in a poem of the...