I am a marketing whore hear me roar

Vapid, mindless, 28 year old BMW driving Marketing slut, seeks male company for fun, water sports and the consumption of everything that rampant capitalism has to offer. Preferably looking for a tall, well built male with his own cash and own mind but will actually settle for any bald slimy short-arsed millionaire kiddie-fiddling rapist that has enough cash to keep me in the manner to which I am accustomed. Hobbies include laughing out loud whilst sitting in the street sipping latte at 8 euro a millilitre outside some style mad corporate franchise bar off Grafton street, acting like a spoilt rotten brat, demanding constant attention and spending great bags of cash in order to fill the enormous gaping chasm at the centre of my soul which has been there since Daddy cut off my allowance and ran of with the Philipino maid.

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