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Estate Agents Wanted


agent.jpgAre you a bare-faced liar? Can you slither, oooze, worm and crawl your way through the day, with the express intention of ripping people off for every cent they have? Can you bring people to a mould-covered, fit-to-be condemned shit hole of a flat and keep a straight face while you say it's worth seven hundred a month? Are you willing to sell your very soul to Satan himself and dedicate your existence to being a unctuous, sub-human shitehawk in the pay of other unctuous, sub-human shitehawks?

Are you an illiterate, dishonest, money-grasping shit of a human who can dedicate his life to a profession populated by the kind of odious, venal scumbags that make hitmen look like aid workers?

Wretched fag hag desperate for company

Hideous, buck-toothed 'It' girl seeks gay men in their early twenties to sit around with in Cafe en Seine on Saturday nights and help me run up a monstrous debt on daddy's credit card. Must be interested in listening to hours of my vapid mindless twaddle, pointless inanities regarding my course in interior design and my hobbies of shopping, talking about myself, shopping, smoking, oh - and shopping. Bisexual or straight men need not apply, as I am currently recovering from a nasty vaginal infection after that time I fucked the entire Terenure rugby team in the back of a Saab and you as you have about as much chance of scoring with me as you have of seeing Fianna Fail run the country properly.

I am a marketing whore hear me roar

Vapid, mindless, 28 year old BMW driving Marketing slut, seeks male company for fun, water sports and the consumption of everything that rampant capitalism has to offer. Preferably looking for a tall, well built male with his own cash and own mind but will actually settle for any bald slimy short-arsed millionaire kiddie-fiddling rapist that has enough cash to keep me in the manner to which I am accustomed. Hobbies include laughing out loud whilst sitting in the street sipping latte at 8 euro a millilitre outside some style mad corporate franchise bar off Grafton street, acting like a spoilt rotten brat, demanding constant attention and spending great bags of cash in order to fill the enormous gaping chasm at the centre of my soul which has been there since Daddy cut off my allowance and ran of with the Philipino maid.

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