Lazybird - A Gallimaufry Of Sound


Globaleyes proudly presents 'Birdcast' - the first podcast from our friends, Lazybird records. Sit back, get yourself a drink and well, open your ears...

"Sunday evening always meant one thing for me: homework. It had seemed so far away on sunny Friday afternoon, lazy Saturday morning and even earlier that day. But it was always sitting there; one big, fat, cold lump by Sunday night. A great big problem - just sitting there! And that's what first got me about Lazybird.

The DJs just sitting there - in a chair of all things.

How strange, how recherch?, how fecking bizarre is that? Sit down DJs just seemed to bring in such an air of loose casualness into the business. My God it could destroy the trade entirely. Well it hasn't yet.

imageschip.gif Lisa Lashes and Judge Jules can rest easy in their Calvin Klein sports bras - the Lazybird buzz has yet to hit em.

More's the pity.

Mossy from Lazybird put it to me in this way one night. It's a place where old cynics go to watch new talent. Occasionally some new cynics cruise by to catch some old talent but you get the buzz. No?

OK it's a big dark room upstairs in the international where musos stroke their beards, ernest young folks go shhhhhhhhhhhh and people fiddle with their musical bits. It's rough, it's ready, it's quiet, it's down market, it 's sociable and it's only about the price of a pint. I can honestly say that there, of a Sunday evening, I have heard some of the most awful, simpering, shite ever made trying to pass itself off as music. BUT I have also heard some of the best music ever made (sometimes trying to pass itself off as awful simpering, shite) and often on the same night!

But seriously folks what do you do on a Sunday? Are you crouched in front of a little glass tube throwing anxiety attacks about work and your "relationships"? According to a rather nice flyer for a "real" club we spend 25 years of our lives in front of the tele and only 2 dancing. The balance needs some serious redressing.

Get up, stick on a sweater, put 4 (ahem... 5 now - lazybird) yokes in your pocket, crawl up the long winding stairs and Bob's your uncle..."


Podcast recorded and distributed by Lazybird records. First broadcast on the 3rd of June, 2007 on powerfm. Compiled by Neil and Paul from Lazybird.


By Krossie, from


FFWD, "Lucky Saddle"
Something from the "Solaris" (1972) OST
Burial, "Night Bus"
Monolake, "Gobi the Desert"
ELpH vs Coil, "We Have Always Been Here"
Greg Davis, "Diaphanous"
Future Sound of London, "Among Myselves"
Kenji Kawai, "Making of Cyborg"
Shivkumar Sharma, Brijbushan Kabra & Hariprasad Chaurasia, "Ahir Bhairav"
Philip Jeck & Janek Schaffer, "Taxim"
Animal Collective, "Two Sails on a Sound"
Pan American, "From Here"
Bastro, "The Sifter"
Merzbow, "Smegma's World"
Borbetomagus, "3"
Delia Derbyshire & Barry Bermange, "Inventions for Radio:Dreams"
Aphew Twin, track 2 from CD 1 of "Selected Ambient Works Volume 2"
Memory Cells, "Landed: Moon Koncert"


Image: 'Audiozen' by thopper23

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