Appono Astos


"Despite the disinformation campaign performed by the British government to quell public interest in crop circles in 1990, the formations continued to appear throughout southern England in greater numbers, larger dimensions and intricate designs.

It was the summer of 1991 when serious contamination of formations began to take place. Some of the hoaxing was done by pranksters looking for attention, some by mischief makers. But, more sinisterly, it was also carried out by known government infiltrators who purposely added man-made features to genuine formations in a attempt to throw the researchers into total confusion. At the height of the hoaxing, an American tourist etched out huge letters on the side of a hill, 'Talk to us'. A reply came back a few days later when a most bizarre-looking formation resembling Hebrew script appeared at Milk Hill.

Thought to be a hoax at first but since confirmed to be genuine, it was deciphered as a form of post-Augustan Latin and etched in Freemasonic script, creating two words: APPONO ASTOS­ "We are opposed to cunning and deceit." How appropriate given the circumstances. To this day this formation represents the closest the Circlemakers have come to communicating in recognizable script."

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'Appono Astos' by the criminally over-looked and un-signed Funkspace




'selfportrait' by the ever-amusing Michelle K

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