The Power of Nightmares


bin_laden.jpg Worried about the War on Terror? Scared of that suicide bomber under the bed? Frightened out of your wits at the prospect of being bombed, beheaded, gassed, anthraxed and dirty bombed into oblivion?

Relax. Take a deep breath. Think again.

'The Power of Nightmares' is a three-part documentary series which was broadcast by the BBC in the autumn of 2004. It caused some ripples at the time, but it was largely ignored. However, thanks to media-sharing sites such as YouTube, it's been resurfacing in the Shitegeist and, perhaps, it's message is finally being heard. You can watch all three episodes here. Each one lasts an hour. So, make yerself a cuppa, roll a fat one and prepare to have your third eye squeegeed clean...

Ready? Okay. Here we go.

*Part 1 - Baby It's Cold Outside*

*Part 2 - The Phantom Victory*

*Part 3 - The Shadows In The Cave*


The Power of Nightmares (BBC)

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yeah I watched that when you first mentioned it to Kickstart, very very good, realy clarified a lot of points.

Videos are not available anymore.

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