Star Trek, the IRA and the War on Terror


Censorship is always good for a giggle and no more so than the following example from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The episode is called 'Higher Ground' and caused paroxysms of outrage when first broadcast, so much so that the BBFC banned the episode outright in the UK.

Watch and you'll see why.

It appears that the episode will finally get a UK screening this year at the 2007 Cathedral Quarter Arts Festival, in Belfast, which runs from Thursday 3 May until Sunday 13 May.

Visit here for more information the festival.

Read the BBC Article on the banned episode.



So it should be: "Tiocfaidh ár lá i seacht deag bliana?"

Holy shit! 2024, eh? I'll mark me diary. When it's printed.

Saw this originally broadcast in Canada. Can't remember much about it to be honest, although I do remember Data's comments.

Heh...I remember watching this episode and Dr Crusher saying very firmly at the end: No More Killing.

So that was it, then. Sorted in time for tea.

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